Fleet Services

Motor Pool (0519)
255 Sterrett Dr
Phone: (540) 231-6141
FAX: (540) 231-4435
E-mail: fs@vt.edu
Web: http://www.fs.vt.edu
Carol Y. Bishop, Fleet Services Manager
Phone: (540) 231-0248
E-mail: ceebee@vt.edu
Hope Fralin, Administrative and Communication Specialist
Phone: (540) 231-8388
E-mail: hope1011@vt.edu

Staff in Fleet Services

Arben Abazi, Fleet Specialist/Shuttle Driver
E-mail: inebra73@vt.edu
Phone: 540-231-6141
Address: 255 Sterrett Drive
Blacksburg, VA 24061
Postal Code: 0519

Trever Barnes, Car Washer
E-mail: barnestj@vt.edu

Matthew Warren Barrow, Fleet Dispatcher & Service Agt
E-mail: mabarrow@vt.edu

Carol Bishop, Fleet Services Manager
E-mail: ceebee@vt.edu
Phone: 540-231-0248
Address: Fleet Services (0519)
255 Sterrett Drive
Postal Code: 0519

Reshelle Carbaugh, Receptionist
E-mail: reshelle@vt.edu

Bradley Alexander Davis, Car Washer

Anthony Douglas Dove, Operations Coordinator
E-mail: anthd69@vt.edu

John Wesley Falck, Automotive Shop Supervisor
E-mail: jwfalck@vt.edu
Phone: 540-231-4955
Address: VT Fleet Services
255 Sterrett Dr
Postal Code: 0519

Hope Fralin, Admin & Comm Specialist
E-mail: hope1011@vt.edu
Phone: 540-231-8388
Address: Fleet Services (0519)
255 Sterrett Dr.
Postal Code: 0519

Steve Haimann, Institutional Chauffeur
E-mail: stefan2@vt.edu

Taylor Hughes, Fleet Specialist/Detailer
E-mail: cthughes@vt.edu

Bobby Wayne Shaver, Mechanic
E-mail: boshaver@vt.edu
Phone: 540-231-4955
Address: Fleet Services (0519)
Blacksburg, VA 24061
Postal Code: 0519

Elizabeth A Smith, Fleet Detailer
E-mail: esmith90@vt.edu

Craig Strain, Institutional Chauffeur
E-mail: cestrain@vt.edu

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