Virginia Tech Roanoke Center

108 N. Jefferson St. Suite 701
Roanoke, VA 24016
Phone: (540) 767-6100
FAX: (540) 767-6110
Dr. Kay Dunkley, Director

Kim Avis
Phone: (540) 767-6101

Catawba Sustainability Center

5755 Catwba Creek Road
Catawba, VA 24070
Phone: (540) 553-2311
Josh Nease, Manager
Phone: (540) 553-2311
Kim Avis, Program and Support Coordinator
Phone: (540) 767-6101

Staff in Virginia Tech Roanoke Center

Claire Alice Ainsworth, Fiscal & Program Assistant

Erin Ritchie Burcham, Marketing/Program Coordinator

Kathy P Holland, Program Support Assistant

Donald Pizzullo, Program Support Manager
Phone: 540-767-6102
Address: Virginia Tech Roanoke Center
108 N. Jefferson St, Ste 701
Roanoke, VA 24016
Postal Code: 9999

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